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You better be prepared for the best Freestyle Walking page on the planet.....This page is for Team Spyder the most qualified combination of freestyle walkers known to man. Our team is comprised of six of the best out there.....

Welcome to Dennis, Scott, Nick, Adam, and Brandons Freestyle Walking page. We have fsw for nearly 2 years now and we didnt bite off anybody else...The idea was OURS!!! Were pretty good....actually make that REALLY GOOD....So you think you can take us huh.... Think again....

Our website contains links to the sections weve created associated with Freestyle Walking. These links are at the left of the page.

We would like to thank everyone who visited out site over the past 2 months. We finally reached our 1000 hit mark as of 10 25 98!

Email us at (Scottie) (Den) (Nick)

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